CLEVER Global accredits IBT Group workers and teams in the largest complex of mini-hydroelectric plants in Peru

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CLEVER Global, a technology services and outsourcing company specializing in the global management of suppliers and subcontractors, collaborates with Hydrika (IBT Group) providing its accreditation of workers and equipment in the largest set of mini-hydroelectric plants in Peru.

The activity is located in the region of Ancash, where Hydrika develops a project of six mini-hydros with a total installed capacity of 55.7 MW. An investment of US $ 140 million is planned for its construction and start-up.

A mini-hydroelectric plant is a special type of plant used for small-scale electric power generation, based on the potential or kinetic energy of the water. Mini-hydropower is a renewable energy and is within the legal regulation associated with these energies. Mini plants have been used extensively over time due to their small size, cost and ease of installation.

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