Document Management to mitigate the risks of subcontracting

We ensure that employees, machinery and vehicles comply with international regulations in force by means of the Document Management system.

We verify all the elements to ensure they comply with the requirements (legal, occupational risk prevention, safety, training…) established for carrying out the activity. This enables us to support our clients in the analysis, definition and execution when outsourcing their administrative, financial, accounting processes, among others.

The Contractor Control service by means of the Document Management and Validation process is supported in turn by our Smart Access Control software logging the access of workers, machinery and vehicles to sites, which enables us to improve supply chain visibility in order to manage the elements used in a project as efficiently as possible.

Benefits of the Contractor Control Service


The level of control of elements being managed can be adapted according to the functionalities requested by the client.


Multiple automated reports: man-hours, qualified employees, fulfilment percentage, documentation status, etc.


We provide the SerCAE technological solution and the human resources to manage it in an integrated manner, enabling costs to be reduced.

Call centre

Call centre service with professionals with international and specific knowledge in the area of occupational health, safety and control.


In-house technology development, therefore our solutions are constantly being adapted to meet our clients’ requirements.


Document validation and accreditation in less than 24 hours from uploading the documents, with an expiry or rejection alert service.

Success Story: Aguas Andinas (Chile)

Aguas Andinas represents the success case par excellence of the Contractor Control of CLEVER focused on the Prevention of Labor Risks (PRL) and the Coordination of Business Activities (CAE). Since 2009, we have collaborated in the Management and Documentary Validation of its suppliers and contractors, Smart Access Control, Field Audits and the provision of qualified professionals (SmartSourcing) for all types of technical and strategic activity.

In 2016 they made this explanatory video of the global management of suppliers and contractors so that the companies with whom they work or will work know the management of SerCAE, our platform with which we manage the entire process.

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