Quality, Environmental, Prevention and Compliance Audits, among others

We conduct on-site audits of processes and the work of employees and subcontracted companies, as well as a qualified assessment of the suppliers registered on our platform.

We draw up numerous reports and records, enabling clients to obtain information about the status of people, equipment, products or materials within the site, with the possibility of assessing the supplier or contractor that has carried out the action subject to audit.

Benefits of our audits



We conduct audits with PDAs and mobile tablets, thus preventing worker identity theft.



Multiple forms of authentication for employee audits: biometric readers, proximity devices or QR codes.



Assessment of the degree of fulfilment of employees and contractor companies in terms of documentation and performance.

Global Vision

Multidisciplinary vision of the assessment process with the involvement of all the relevant departments.

Total Control

Programming, reminders and notifications of periodic assessments, providing timely information about the process.


Reports and records that enable information to be obtained regarding the status of the elements present in the audited location.

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