CLEVER Global manages contractor control for Grupo Cobra and Gran Solar in Honduras

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June – 2015

Under the figure of a UTE (Temporary joint venture) formed by Grupo Cobra and Gran Solar the construction of a photovoltaic park is conducted, located in the Agua Fria, Nacaome, Honduras in an area of 70 hectares. A production approximately 60 megawatts (MW).

Grupo Cobra’s contribution as a leader in the construction and operation of industrial infrastructures in combination with the experience of Gran Solar in providing necessary services to identify, validate, finance, execute and operate solar photovoltaic projects make this one of the most ambitious projects in the area.

Nacaome geographies conditions provide optimal conditions to maximize energy production of this type. That is why the government of Honduras is working on projects to promote renewable energy production in order to change the energy matrix generation and achieve better conditions for investment in the field of energy in Latin America.

The international experience of CLEVER added to the local knowledge has led to add to the Consortium team a Consultant in the area of planning as a connection for the management and administration of workflows, and work progress .

The collaboration of CLEVER has become the element differentiator of the management of this project, providing a technology platform to the consortium management and document control, with its own specific environment, which in turn integrates access control that allows validation of Companies , Employees, vehicles and equipment in and out of the project.

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